What Pests Are Hiding In Your Firewood?

Though we have had warm days recently across Oklahoma, we are far from finished with the frigid temperatures that accompany the winter season. On the coldest nights, it may seem like second nature to light up some firewood and relax next to the warm, crackling flame. However, you may be surprised to learn what critters could be hiding in your firewood and making their way indoors with every fire that you start.


If you’ve followed our blog long enough, you likely know how adamant we are about termite control and the damages that these destructive pests can cause. Since firewood is essentially decaying wood, it becomes a very appealing target for hungry termites both from a nearby colony or swarmers looking to establish a new one. When you store firewood near your home or bring it inside, you could potentially be providing termites a meal ticket to your home that they will be happy to accept.

Carpenter Ants

Often, carpenter ant damage is misidentified by homeowners as termite damage because these pests hollow out galleries in wood to build their nests. These pests will often be seen scattering when firewood is disturbed because they prefer to live in dead, damp wood. Because carpenter ants can be winged, they are often mistaken for termite alates that have recently swarmed.

Powderpost Beetles

Perhaps the most common pest found in firewood piles, powderpost beetles utilize firewood, among other wood sources, to lay their eggs in. As these eggs begin to hatch, larvae will create small holes in the wood as they tunnel out. While typically not much of a threat to varnished wood flooring, powderpost beetles can infest furniture, leading to costly replacements over time.

Why Emtec Pest Control for Termite Control?

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