Common Oklahoma Ants Make Spring Appearance

The varied weather patterns found in Oklahoma make our corner of the world very favorable to a wide variety of common ant species. Though most are harmless and just a nuisance, some ant species can cause dangerous bites. Here are the common ant species typically found in Oklahoma during the spring season:

Carpenter Ants

If you look around any stored firewood you may have, you will likely run into the carpenter ant. This species can vary in color but is often easily identified by their large size. In fact, they are considered the largest ant species found in the United States.

It is common for homeowners to confuse carpenter ants with termites because of their destructive behaviors. Unlike termites, however, carpenter ants do not consume the wood they are damaging. Instead, they carve out pathways in the wood and consume other insects and various plant liquids.

Odorous House Ants

During the spring, homeowners will often see pesky ants crawling across their kitchen counters in search of leftover food particles or spilled sugars; however, they usually consume honeydew or floral nectar. These small black ants derive their name from the unique scent they produce when squished. Often, homeowners will compare it to rotting coconut or other spoiled fruit.

The odorous house ant is a hardy ant species that has shown great tolerance levels to heat and cold. In some instances, injured ants have also been observed continuing to live without a drastic change in their primary duties. For this reason, odorous house ants are very difficult to get rid of without professional assistance.

Red Imported Fire Ants

The red imported fire ant is one of the most dangerous ant species found in Oklahoma. After arriving in the United States from Brazil between the 1930s and 1940s, the southern half of the country has provided a hospitable home for these pests. As a mound-building ant species, they are very protective of their colonies.

Taking on a reddish-brown color, the red imported fire ant is one of the most easily identifiable ants nationwide. Sensitivity to the bites of this species can produce severe allergic reactions that may be dangerous for some. If no allergies are present, white pustules may appear at the bite site.

Why Emtec Pest Control for Ant Control?

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