Fall Flea and Tick Control

Though not commonly thought of, fall is one of the worst seasons for flea and tick infestation. In many parts of the country, the cat flea hits its highest numbers within the fall months. Though called the “cat flea” this is the most common flea of both dogs and cats. Fleas are known for carrying tapeworms and transferring bubonic plague and murine typhus.

The life cycle of a tick spans two-years and is incredibly complex. The fall life stage of a tick is the most common to carry disease such as Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever or ehrlichiosis. For this reason, eliminating flea and tick infestations is absolutely critical.


Fleas and ticks can very detrimental to people and pets within a home that may become infested. Both are typically found hiding within the yard and populations can increase exponentially when found indoors. Luckily, simple prevention steps can be taken to avoid this.

Mind the Lawn

Keeping grass at proper heights can reduce flea and tick populations because they can typically be found in longer grass. Mowing at an optimal level will attract spiders and ants, which feast on these predators. Because fleas and ticks prefer moist environments, an overwatered or poorly draining lawn can provide optimal conditions for these pests.

Remove Debris

Fleas and ticks will often use debris piles to hide and protect their eggs. Cleaning these areas from a yard can limit the likelihood of an infestation. Piles of lumber, bricks and stones should all be cleaned to deter the arrival of any unwelcome pests.

Limit Wildlife

Having a bird feeder can be an enjoyable experience, however it does come with its own risks. Seeds contained within the birdfeeder can lure in other wildlife that may be harboring fleas or ticks such as squirrels, mice and feral cats. Never allow these animals to establish nesting areas on the property.

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