Prevent Fleas from Invading Your Home

If you have ever had fleas in your home, you likely know the aggravation and discomfort that comes with their infestation. When large numbers of fleas are present, it is often too late for most preventative treatment options. For this reason, preemptively treating your home for potential infestations can protect your family and pets from these blood-sucking pests.

Flea eggs and larvae make up nearly 80% of the total population inside an infested home. This means that utilizing prevention methods that target immature fleas will likely be more beneficial long term. Here are some of the ways you can prevent a flea infestation in your home:

Vacuum Regularly

Though regular vacuuming will help remove any fleas that may be lurking in your carpeting, it also serves a much bigger purpose. After feeding, adult fleas will leave behind droppings that are composed almost entirely of blood that is utilized by fleas in the larval stage to survive after drying out. Regularly vacuuming can help remove both fleas and these droppings that larval stages require for proper growth. However, it is important to replace your vacuum bag or empty it after each use to avoid spreading fleas to a new part of the home.

Landscape Maintenance

Much like ticks and other wildlife, fleas can often be found in areas that provide the shelter of tall grass. The most common reason for this is the presence of other pests that fleas utilize for food including, squirrels, mice, and rats. Keeping your landscape maintained properly can avoid the chance of having these flea-carrying pests in the proximity of your home and, therefore, limit the chances of your home becoming infested with fleas.

Pet Treatments

Having untreated pets in your home is often one of the easiest ways to obtain a flea infestation. For this reason, properly treating your pets for fleas is paramount. If your pets have fleas attached to them, they almost certainly will fall off and make their way into your carpeting or other surfaces to begin reproducing after their blood meal. To avoid this, ask your veterinarian about the most effective flea treatments to protect your pets and home.

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