Eliminating Common Clothes Moths

The common clothes moth, or Tineola Bisselliella, is a species of fungus moth. These fabric-destroying insects are responsible for immeasurable damage to clothing within a year. For expensive items like a suit or dress, this can incur severe financial damages. Silverfish, cockroaches, crickets and earwigs also damage fabric through the process of chewing, but they are not true fabric pests.

Clothing moths are most likely to eat clothing or furniture containing wool, fur and feathers. However, they also have a tendency to damage cotton, silk and other synthetic materials if they are available. Most often larvae will damage the latter materials in an effort to get to the more preferred materials.

The most common way that clothing moths are introduced into homes is the introduction of other clothing or items that contain larvae. These items most often come from thrift stores or garage sales. If clothing or items come from these areas, a quarantine is recommended to ensure no larvae hatch.

One of the most popular prevention methods involves the use of cedar wood. The oils contained within cedar heartwood can be toxic to larvae in large amounts, but in most cases, cedar has not been enough to eliminate or repel moths from damaging fabrics.

Extreme temperatures are one of the few methods that have proven effective in eliminating populations of clothes moths. Heat in excess of 99° Fahrenheit have been shown to kill moths in all life-cycle stages. To achieve success, the heat had to be constant for one full week. On the other hand, freezing clothing moths can also be a method of eradication.

Mothballs were considered a standard for the removal of clothing moths at one point in time. However, in recent years they have been found to be toxic and are no longer recommended for the removal of the common clothes moth. Given the poor ventilation found within closets, the dangers associated with exposure can be compounded.

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